Press Release – Australian Pavilion, Venice

An Australian Annexe to the U.S. Pavilion

In a limited design competition between the two directors of Godsell and Corrigan, the Australasian Arts Council has arrived at a winning scheme for the new Australian Pavilion in Venice.

Each year, the pavilion will be used to exhibit Australia’s most talented artists and architects as part of Venice’s alternating art and architecture biennales. The existing pavilion, generously designed by Cox Architects in 1988 for no fees and with very limited resources, has become outdated, underperforming as a venue suitable to represent Australia’s world class talent.

In recent years, the AAC has come under increasing pressure to run an open competition for all Australian architecture practices to consider what our future pavilion might be. However due to fading vision, the AAC’s jury decided to limit the competition to just two practitioners with an established track record.

Frank Godsell & Patricia Corrigan, both of Godsell & Corrigan were independently selected as Australia’s two most appropriate candidates. Their individual experience on the inside of government, delivering difficult public projects is unmatched in this country.

Amid ongoing claims the architectural profession has been denied a fair and equitable competition, the AAC have decided to equitably recognise both entries, combining elements from the two proposals and awarding the project to Godsell & Corrigan as a practice.

Representing Australia on the international stage, the winning project ‘draws inspiration from the sprawling roofscapes of McMansion suburbia to create an icon reminiscent of the monolithic heart at the centre of our great nation: Uluru’. The jury was impressed by the project’s unapologetically monumental form, describing it ‘akin to the sails of that great Australian icon, the Sydney Opera House’.

In the words of architectural critic and historian Philip Goethe, ‘Here we have all the hallmarks of Godsell & Corrigan’s later work. With effortless poetry we see Corrigan’s enduring passion for the outback brought seamlessly together with Godsell’s penchant for suburban heroicism. An architectural icon for all Australians’.

The Australasian Arts Council congratulates Godsell & Corrigan on their winning scheme.


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  1. Grace says:

    This is brilliant!

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